Akashic Records Readings

Discover Your Soul’s journey through the Akashic Records

It is said that the Akashic Records are a library where the memory of our souls are kept. Each soul has it’s own private section. Each soul has its own story, its own journey. Through the Akashic Records, you explore your soul’s journey to understand what was and what is. The beauty of the Akashic Records reading is that it allows for a conversation with your self with the aim of resolving a problem. Why am I having these issues? Where does this come from? Why does this keep happening?

We’ve all made decisions that served us in the past but don’t serve us anymore. They now create an uneasiness that can sometimes make us stuck. Maybe they create pain and confusion. These decisions are explored and explained in the Akashic Records. The healing can then begin at the soul level as well as for your current incarnation. In the here and the now.

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